1-1Atomic mechanics
1-2An experiment with bullets
1-3An experiment with waves
1-4An experiment with electrons
1-5The interference of electron waves
1-6Watching the electrons
1-7First principles of quantum mechanics
1-8The uncertainty principle

2-1Probability wave amplitudes
2-2Measurement of position and momentum
2-3Crystal diffraction
2-4The size of an atom
2-5Energy levels
2-6Philosophical implications



3-1The laws for combining amplitudes
3-2The two-slit interference pattern
3-3Scattering from a crystal
3-4Identical particles




4-1Bose particles and Fermi particles
4-2States with two Bose particles
4-3States with n Bose particles
4-4Emission and absorption of photons
4-5The blackbody spectrum
4-6Liquid helium
4-7The exclusion principle

5-1Filtering atoms with a Stern-Gerlach apparatus
5-2Experiments with filtered atoms
5-3Stern-Gerlach filters in series
5-4Base states
5-5Interfering amplitudes
5-6The machinery of quantum mechanics
5-7Transforming to a different base
5-8Other situations

6-1Transforming amplitudes
6-2Transforming to a rotated coordinate system
6-3Rotations about the z-axis
6-4Rotations of 180 and 90 about y
6-5Rotations about x
6-6Arbitrary rotations

7-1Atoms at rest; stationary states
7-2Uniform motion
7-3Potential energy; energy conservation
7-4Forces; the classical limit
7-5The “precession” of a spin one-half particle

8-1Amplitudes and vectors
8-2Resolving state vectors
8-3What are the base states of the world?
8-4How states change with time
8-5The Hamiltonian matrix
8-6The ammonia molecule

9-1The states of an ammonia molecule
9-2The molecule in a static electric field
9-3Transitions in a time-dependent field
9-4Transitions at resonance
9-5Transitions off resonance
9-6The absorption of light

10-1The hydrogen molecular ion
10-2Nuclear forces
10-3The hydrogen molecule
10-4The benzene molecule
10-6The Hamiltonian of a spin one-half particle in a magnetic field
10-7The spinning electron in a magnetic field

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